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Assisting you to Start-up or Re-brand your Business!



One of the hardest things about business, is starting. We often challenge ourselves with self doubt, fear of failure, clouded vision and anxiety, immobilising ourselves before we begin.


 There are many moving parts to any business, and having more than 32 years experience in small and large multi-national businesses, we understand how all these parts fit together, from registering your business name, setting a corporate vision and strategy, establishing and maintaining goals and ultimately marketing and promotions.

Slick Start is here to assist you to do just that; start up your business. Whether it be a new idea for a new business, or bringing in a new lease of life to an established one. We strive to understand you, your desires and your marketplace to bring fresh and exciting ideas to invent or reinvent you, in the best way possible.


Engage your target audience with a compelling story about your brand!


Using the power of good content, connect with your audience in a deeper way! 


Businesses don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. Designing a plan that incorporates sound strategy promotes success!


Collaboration is key. To have a sounding board you can trust, gives you confidence in your choices!

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