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Accidental Artist.


Date: 2020

Brief: Create a site that allows people to see and purchase the artists digital artwork of beautiful charcoal sketches.

Outcome: A website that not only shows the artist at work, but presents his art in situ and ultimately allows the user to purchase online. 

Testimonial: "Thank you so much, you have given me the best chance at getting my art out there and already it is working" Kutz Ali

Promotional Videos.

Date: 2021

Brief: Create a series of short promotional videos for use on social media, to increase traffic to the site and boost the artists exposure.

Outcome: A series of three videos each under 40 seconds in duration were created. These are called inspirational, lounge and chillout to appeal to different audiences.   

Testimonial: "You're incredible! Thank you so much. I am so excited!" Kutz Ali




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