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Advocate Me Lawyers.

Website, Blog, Forum & Class Action Memberships

Date: 2020

Brief: Create a website that promotes the Law Firm and all their class actions, including sign-ups to class actions and management of the client/member data.

Outcome: We created a website that explains all the firm's class actions in great detail, including videos and each with sign-up forms. All sign-up details are captured by back-end databases and useful tools for automation and triggered events to streamline processes including regular updates. The site also has a blog section, forum and for forum members there are a series of legal aids available to assist. We were also able to embed polls whereby the firm can capture important data that helps them understand what the public want of them.

Testimonial"Thank you so much, we would not be where we are today if it weren't for our website." Serene Teffaha CEO

Snappy Promo Video.

Date: 2021

Brief: Create a short and snappy commercial to promote the firms members forum, its letter templates and our class actions, primarily for sharing on social media to bring new traffic to the website and increase membership and participation in our movement.

Outcome: This up-beat and modern commercial promotes the community forum and the law firms free legal templates and class actions and is circulating social media, increasing traffic to the website.

Testimonial: "Refreshing and fun, this is capturing the vibe of our movement and is doing the job it intended which was to grow our member participation." Serene Teffaha

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