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State of Clarity.
Branding, Website, Logo and Promo Video

Date: January 2023

Brief: Build a brand, create a logo, develop website and create promotional video for a new online personal development course, which must reflect the nature of the self-help program, which is about dealing with trauma and overcoming obstacles.


The outcome was a fresh brand that depicted the concept of clearing out and overcoming obstacles, using the rising sun as a focal symbol for personal development, together with imagery of beauty in nature. The website has a fully integrated online program app to easily create and maintain online training material, plus a payment gateway, a private course members section and blog. A short promotional video depicts people transforming from stress and trauma, with a call to action. The video can be widely shared across many social media platforms, increasing traffic to the site and sales of the program.

A series of short promotional videos have been created to appeal to different audiences and used for social media promotion.

Testimonial: "Absolutely nailed the brief" ​

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