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The FNQ Crew.

Website & Blog

Date: 2019

Brief: Create a website that promotes the clients travel blogs and Instagram account, which showcases life and travels in Tropical Far North Queensland.

Outcome: What transpired was a beautiful website filled with the clients stunning photography and extensive blog posts. 

Testimonials: "The site is very easy for us to use to add our photos and blog posts. We couldn't be happier." Paul Woodroffe

Promo Video.

Date: 2019

Brief: Create a multi-part series of videos promoting the blog site, using drone footage to highlight the natural beauty of Far North Queensland.

Outcome: The outcome was a series of stunning videos that have been widely shared across many social media platforms, increasing traffic to the blog site. These have also played a role in promoting tourism in the Far North Queensland region, whose tourism industry has been severely impacted post-covid.

Testimonials: "Wow, absolutely stunning" - @shakamedia

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