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People for Safe Vaccines. Website & Promotional Video

Date: 2021

BriefCreate an educational website that outlines the importance of vaccine safety in Australia, with special focus on the covid-19 vaccines. The site should include membership options and a private members only forum.

Outcome: The website is filled with detailed educational information that is easy to navigate and includes details of their government lobbying communications. Complete with a membership form and payment option via PayPal, the largely automated process of membership signup has given this not-for-profit organisation the means to grow their membership quickly and inexpensively. A private members forum where signed-up members can access informative blog posts, plus post their own material, engages members in a way that has created a community. Back-end contact management, automations and triggers allow full control over management of members and member communications. 

Testimonial: "Fantastic! This site and all it's back-end handling of memberships is exactly what we wanted." Serene Teffaha CEO

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