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The Real Social Justice Warrior.

Concept, Website & Socials

Date: 2021

Brief: Dwayne came to us with some ideas about how he could be an advocate for voices in the community that are being ignored, or even silenced. From our initial discussions, we were able to formulate the name and from this a website and logo were created, as well as a youtube channel and facebook group all with links to the website.

Outcome: The logo reflects the ethos of Dwayne's advocacy work and the website showcases it and combined with the social media accounts, the site is an excellent way to disseminate the information and attract supporters.

Testimonial"I came to you with some vague ideas and I left with way more than I imagined and all within a day. Amazing. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your work. I'm blown away." Dwayne Harvey

Snappy Promo Video.

Date: 2021

Brief: Create a short promotional video to circulate social media as well as placed on the website. The video must outline what The Real Social Justice Warrior stands for and direct viewers to the main website.

Outcome: The promo hits the mark with showcasing exactly what Dwayne is doing and is already circulating social media, increasing traffic to the website.

Testimonial: "That is absolutely awesome. You're a legend." Dwayne Harvey

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